Mobile Solutions

Mobile technologies are among the most rapidly evolving areas in information technology.

Forward-thinking organizations recognize this, and seek to develop a streamlined mobile strategy that can be cost-effectively deployed within an enterprise. Qbase understands the mobile environment and has extensive and proven expertise in developing mobile applications and solutions.

Qbase Homeless REACH, a mobile app designed and developed in-house by Qbase, simplifies and speeds access to services and resources for those caring for our nation’s homeless. Our Homeless REACH app was twice honored winning both the Department of Veterans Affairs Project REACH competition and the Defense Strategies Institute’s Best Mobile Healthcare Achievement Award. Building on the Homeless REACH success, our in-house mobility experts and knowledge-base are continuously researching and evaluating emerging mobile technologies. Leveraging this expertise, with a customer-centric approach, Qbase is ready to design and deliver the mobile solution that is right for you.