FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 26, 2020
CONTACT: Steve Scibetta

Qbase, an enterprise services and digital transformation leader, was recently awarded the DoDNet Services Task Order by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) to unify and optimize the Department of Defense Agencies and Field Activities (DAFAs) IT network infrastructure, services, and cybersecurity posture under a Single Service Provider (SSP) architecture.

“Qbase is proud to operate, consolidate, and transform DAFA IT networks and IT services to a common service environment,” said Steve Conway, Qbase’s Vice President of Defense Programs. “We will continue to work alongside DISA to deliver a streamlined common architecture framework to realize improved performance and efficiency for up to 20,000 global DAFA users at up to 75 geographic sites.”

Through this award, Qbase will use a DoD Enterprise Services Management Framework methodology to standardize and automate DoDNet migration and operations.  Leveraging DevSecOps expertise to increase integration between engineering and operations that builds in cybersecurity through the process, we will enable DISA and the DAFAs to realize a highly automated consolidated IT enterprise that delivers efficiencies and improved outcomes.

“This win further substantiates Qbase’s demonstrated capabilities in enterprise service optimization and large-scale network modernization efforts,” Conway continued. “We are proud to help DISA deliver unparalleled service to DAFA partners with the vision for transforming, sustaining and continuously modernizing DoDNet.”