Qbase delivers data-driven solutions that address real world situations faced by the government every day. We overcome data quality challenges, convert legacy data to new formats and transform data into actionable information.


Qbase has expertise in all data formats, including structured and unstructured, full-text, binary and image data. Our data experts use our own organic technologies, including Qbase Data Discovery™ and Qbase Data Transformer™, to solve any data challenge you may encounter. Our technology team works with your data onsite, or here at Qbase, to improve the quality of your data, turning data into useable information. We detect anomalies and work to help you better understand your data prior to your initiating a significant data project, such as data integration or migration. There’s no need to license expensive software, purchase more hardware, or train personnel to become data experts. Qbase has a systematic process for revealing and understanding the condition of your data. This process has proven invaluable in driving unprecedented accuracy with data integration efforts. See our products page for more details.


Qbase can help improve every aspect of government operations—from tracking assets and equipment, to ensuring timely and accurate financial data. With Qbase, your agency or organization can:

  • Analyze and condition data
  • Cleanse and migrate data from legacy environments
  • Integrate multiple, disparate data sources into one source
  • Get results from “day one”

Qbase has a variety of contract vehicles that make it easier for government clients to procure our professional services and IT products. Please visit the Contracts Vehicle page for detailed information.

Case Studies

  • Secure Cloud Solutions for DHS Electronic Health Records (EHR)

    DHS ICE relies on Qbase’s Software-as-a-Service Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP)-certified Cloud environment cloud environment to deliver, maintain, and enhance their managed service Electronic Health Records (eHR) system. For the first time, this automated software is able to create a complete longitudinal health record and to share data between ICE facilities including integration […]
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  • Supporting DOD’s Professional Acquisition Corps

    The U.S. Department of Defense has built and maintains a global learning environment to develop acquisition, requirements and contingency professionals – men and women tasked with effectively managing taxpayer resources used for defense operations. As part of this effort, the Defense Acquisition University offers formal training courses, continuous learning modules, educational assets, and consulting services […]
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  • Serving Americans Living, Traveling Abroad

    The mission of the United States Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs is to provide U.S. citizens with secure travel documents while also providing the highest level of customer service, professionalism and integrity. In addition, the Bureau is tasked with facilitating the entry of travelers to the United States, ensuring U.S. border security, and […]
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  • Data Fusion

    Depended on When it Matters Most. Creating Clarity for Human Terrain Analysis In a world that’s increasingly influenced by nontraditional, disparate data, as well as open source information channels, the Department of Defense (DoD) continues to lack the critical ability to rapidly synthesize and aggregate information at scale to fully understand how “new data” affects [...]
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    Mission Critical IT-Support. Qbase teamed with AECOM Technology Corporation (formally known as McNeil Technologies) to establish the Qbase-McNeil Integrated Solutions (QMIS) joint venture. Through this partnership we provide the U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) with mission-critical IT service support and program management both domestically and internationally. Qbase directly supports the ICE Information Technology Field Operations [...]
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  • Qbase Support to the FBI

    Law Enforcement Field Intelligence. Qbase supports the FBI on a variety of tasks to include support of authorized physical and electronic surveillance of persons, places, and things; the development and maintenance of software to process, store, and present data lawfully collected as part of FBI national security and criminal investigations; the discovery and adoption of [...]
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    Under the Enterprise Management Foundation (EMF) Federated Data Repository (FDR) contract, Harris Corporation and Qbase developed and deployed a centralized network that provides the VA with unified view of its data infrastructure and enables automated performance monitoring. The goal of the project is to ensure the VA can manage its IT enterprise more efficiently, with [...]
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