Under the Enterprise Management Foundation (EMF) Federated Data Repository (FDR) contract, Harris Corporation and Qbase developed and deployed a centralized network that provides the VA with unified view of its data infrastructure and enables automated performance monitoring. The goal of the project is to ensure the VA can manage its IT enterprise more efficiently, with accurate and timely reporting of its data repositories’ status and performance, augmenting the VA’s goal of quality assurance in service delivery to veterans. Prior to this solution, the aggregation and collection of the VA’s data was performed manually and through multiple data systems. The aggregation process took several weeks, and when the reports were generated, they were often out of date, due to shifts in the data. Qbase delivers federal data aggregation, discovery and transformation services via its metadata tool suite to normalize and extract data from various data sources, allowing the VA to search and report through a single standard reporting interface. This solution enables the VA to generate an enterprise, federated view of all help desk and IT asset tracking systems enabling enterprise level reporting with up-to-date statistics based on data pulls every five minutes.