Pacific JITC

Qbase is the joint venture managing partner of Eleu Pacific Partners (EPP), which was created to serve the needs of the Pacific Joint Information Technology Center (JITC). The Pacific JITC, based in Maui, Hawaii, is the Military Health System (MHS) – now called Defense Health Agency (DHA) – center for the design and development of information management and information technology products and services to support the medical readiness requirements of the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), as well as their information technology modernization needs. EPP was selected to provide the Pacific JITC with expertise and assistance in improving IT modernization needs across the health IT system and supporting DoD and VA medical system interoperability and medical readiness in the field. Pacific JITC is responsible for proof of concept and prototyping of information management and IT products and services for the DoD and VA. Qbase has been awarded several Requests for Task Order Proposals (RTOP) to support their efforts. They are:

  • RTOP 2 – iEHR Business Process Optimization –  This work involves researching, software prototyping, and testing technical alternatives to understand and make recommendations to the government on the best technical solutions, data standards, and approaches for utilizing the iEHR SOA infrastructure to support the business and clinical workflows for Medical Device Integration, Pharmacy, Laboratory, and Immunization Data Exchanges.
  • RTOP5 – Initiative for Identity Management for the Nationwide Health Information Network – This project team analyzes various technologies, approaches and data standards to discover accurate and reliable patient identification practices between cross-community exchanges.
  • RTOP6 – Theater Medical Information Program – This work involves identifying maritime capability gaps and rapid implementation strategies for naval platforms, as well as assessing medical data capture and storage.
  • RTOP 7 – Optimal Vision Care Prototype – This work involves exploring alternatives for vision care documentation by enabling novel data collection to quickly and accurately capture the initial assessment, triage and the continuum of follow-up care. We analyze and support novel data collection methods, including image, motion and natural language processing, reducing user entry time and broadening the amount of recorded information. Our data analysis will lead to the prevention, diagnosis, mitigation, treatment and rehabilitation of disorders of the visual system.
  • RTOP 10 – Research Initiative for Medical Informatics Fusion – Decision Support (MIF-DS) – This work involves the aggregation of information from numerous disparate data sources to develop new capabilities and discoveries of available assets and information. Our data analysis is driving new insights for medical readiness and deployment.