Qbase Support to the FBI

Law Enforcement Field Intelligence.

Qbase supports the FBI on a variety of tasks to include support of authorized physical and electronic surveillance of persons, places, and things; the development and maintenance of software to process, store, and present data lawfully collected as part of FBI national security and criminal investigations; the discovery and adoption of next generation technology; the operations and maintenance of mission critical applications and systems; and the creation of specialized systems used in sensitive surveillance matters. Qbase has been awarded various task orders to fulfill the needs and requirements of FBI programs including the following:

Counterintelligence Support – This task order fulfills requirements for three FBI groups all supporting the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division (CD). It is a full spectrum Engineering Services task in which embedded Qbase technologists perform work ranging from application development to hardware deployment/maintenance.

Engineering Services – This task order fulfills requirements for ten programs that are managed by the FBI’s Operational Technology Division (OTD) based at the FBI Engineering Research Facility (ERF). The effort is an Engineering Services task with embedded technologists performing work in direct support of FBI field intelligence and/or surveillance operations.

Technical Operations – This task order involves meeting the staffing requirements necessary to support mission critical systems that enable the FBI to track and respond to priority technical requirements of Field Offices.

Surveillance Operations – This task order requires Qbase to staff technical specialists and subject matter experts in support of FBI surveillance operations and evidence/intelligence collection activities. Qbase personnel maintain, operate, develop, enhance, and deploy unique mission critical systems, tools and networks used by FBI Agents and Analysts to further counterterrorism, counterintelligence and criminal investigations.

Next Generation Technology – This task order requires Qbase to staff technical experts who identify, evaluate, assess, track and report, and manage both internal and external research and development projects designed to discover and/or deliver new and innovative technology to the FBI for use in lawful evidence and intelligence gathering activities.

Information and Workflow Management – This task order delivers Qbase IT specialists and application developers for the FBI’s Information Technology Branch who support the operation and maintenance of the agency’s centralized investigative case management system.