Mission Critical IT-Support.

Qbase teamed with AECOM Technology Corporation (formally known as McNeil Technologies) to establish the Qbase-McNeil Integrated Solutions (QMIS) joint venture. Through this partnership we provide the U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) with mission-critical IT service support and program management both domestically and internationally. Qbase directly supports the ICE Information Technology Field Operations (ITFO) group, which provides worldwide enterprise-level IT operations and maintenance services for more than 900 offices and over 26,000 individual users, including ICE’s mobile workforce. In addition to serving the DHS ICE, Qbase also assists the Office of the Chief Information Officer to address the agency’s mission needs.

As part of this contract, Qbase also delivers technical IT and program management support services both to ICE end users and to the ITFO onsite at ICE HQ, and in the field offices. Qbase also designed and manages an enterprise-wide network management system for ICE that is used to provide 24/7 support to users around the globe related to technical issue tickets, documenting issues to track and improve performance. Other services outlined in the contract include ICE agent program support, operation management, software deployment and support, and security maintenance and training.