Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

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Digital transformation services

Qbase’s in-house expertise spans an array of digital transformation services. We help customers across the Federal government and in the private sector ensure their infrastructures are performing optimally and evolving in line with their operational needs.

We live and breathe network Modernization

Working from anywhere, across multiple devices and environments is here to stay. We work with customers to move them to next-generation solutions while also leveraging their existing infrastructure investments – without sacrificing security or budget constraints. We work with clients to build solid, well-managed network infrastructures that enable and advance the mission. From building the roadmap, to architecture and security planning, to platform and service migrations, we can help.

We’re a go-to Cloud partner.

From cloud migrations and infrastructure buildouts, to DevSecOps and automation, we manage a variety of cloud needs for customers – alongside the performance management, security, and operational support and planning they need. We take pride in working with our customers to optimize their operations from a cost and usage perspective, as well as working with them to on scenario planning and envisioning future-state operations.

We’re business transformation experts.

With decades of experience in the Agile software development methodology and with Scaled Agile Frameworks, Qbase technologists implement Agile/SAFe approaches for customers, and we use lean and agile approaches internally as well. We understand Agile theory and practices and we know how to implement them at enterprise scale for customers, solving problems and modernizing a suite of business processes for customers.

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Mission Enabling Technical Services

Qbase regularly embeds technologists, subject matter experts and specialists with customers at key U.S. Intelligence Community and National Security agencies. These individuals, with proven experience delivering mission enabling technology, work in support of customers in an effective, defensible, scalable, and efficient manner.

Each of our team members is trained and tenured in their respective technical area of expertise and intimately understands the mission they support. Rather than offering commodity IT personnel, our technologists bring experience in the applied technologies required of modern security agencies to execute on critical evidence and intelligence collection missions like tracking, tagging, and locating; voice/data intercept; physical and electronic surveillance; non-traditional tracking; covert communications; hardware/software exploitation, and more.

Our expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • Video Surveillance
  • Audio Surveillance
  • Traditional Tracking, Tagging and Locating
  • Non-traditional Tracking
  • Electronic Surveillance
  • Data Intercept and Analysis
  • Signals Intelligence Tools
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Software/Hardware Exploitation
  • Mobile Device Exploitational and Tracking
  • Digital Forensics
  • Counter-Encryption
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Mobile Electronics/Telematics Exploitation
  • Cyber Security (Offensive and Defensive)
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AI/ML & NLP at Scale

The need for real-time, actionable intelligence derived from enterprise-scale data volumes has never been greater. The tools at an organization’s disposal – artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing, to name a few – have never been more compelling or effective. But these tools are changing all the time, and advancements in the field are enabling new and more complex analytics all the time.

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Our research and development arm, Finch Computing, helps customers from the intelligence community to content publishers to the financial industry find new meaning and insight from their informational assets.

With more than 30 patents in areas such as topic-based modeling, entity-level sentiment, in-memory data bases and data compression – our leading-edge technologies are helping customers understand and interrogate huge volumes of structured and unstructured text in real-time and at-scale.

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