A SHARP FOCUS ON GETTING IT RIGHT motivates Qbase leadership and employees.

Guided by seasoned business executives and highly experienced technologists from LexisNexis, Apptis, and other prominent companies, Qbase offers a nimble, dynamic environment within a growing business focused on products and services. Innovation and developing game changing technology is at the heart of Qbase Product development while Qbase Services provide a full spectrum of information technology services to meet client mission-critical requirements in the government, military, healthcare and commercial markets. We operate under a small business designation.

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  • Respect: We will respect our colleagues, business partners and clients. We will treat all with dignity and honor.
  • Integrity: We will be known for the integrity of our business conduct. We will be honest and ethical in all matters.
  • Quality: We will be known for excellence in all we do.
  • Work hard: We will expend all necessary effort to serve and delight our clients.
  • Team: We will work as a team. The most important element of all of our job descriptions is “other duties as assigned” and we will embrace this philosophy to do whatever it takes to get the job done for clients.
  • Enjoyment: We will have a culture that incorporates fun and enjoyment in our workday. We will have a workplace where all – our employees, our families, our clients, our shareholders and our business partners – feel welcome.

Employee Quotes

  •  “One of the best things about working at Qbase is the daily positive responses we get from our clients.”
  • “The excitement here at Qbase is unmatched by any other company I have ever worked for. It seems like every day we exceed our customers’ expectations!”
  •  “At Qbase, you’re part of a team working together to accomplish one goal: to satisfy our clients.”


Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action
Qbase adheres to the principles of equal employment opportunity and affirmative action as part of our commitment to integrity. We appreciate and value the contributions all individuals make to our company.

Qbase, an equal employment opportunity employer committed to affirmative action planning, reasonably accommodates qualified disabled individuals in the application and hiring process. If you require accommodation due to a disability, please contact us about your interest in employment at or by calling 937-521-4274.

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