Map information to geography and geo-enable your data

MetaCarta allows users to quickly discover and visualize actionable information around more than 300 million physical locations around the world. It allows users to quickly make sense of huge volumes of text. It provides meaningful, actionable insight in situations where it matters most.

Our customers in the law enforcement, health care, military, national security and energy arenas count on MetaCarta because it combines geographic search and geographic tagging capabilities with traditional text and keyword search. It’s fast and flexible and offers the ability to glean mission- critical information from disparate datasets and sources. It’s a proven, scalable technology that can be customized to meet any need.


MetaCarta GDMs make up the core of the MetaCarta solution. A GDM is a knowledge base used to identify and disambiguate geographic references. MetaCarta provides several GDMs for language or industry-specific use:

  • Our base, customizable GDM
  • Language GDMs (Spanish, Russian, French and Arabic)
  • Street Addresses (U.S., Canada, Spain, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Russia, Mexico and China)
  • IHS Oil and Gas GDM

Query Parser

The MetaCarta Query Parser recognizes geographic references in search queriesand directs users to more relevant content faster. This capability allows analysts to save valuable time and to quickly refine their searches as new content is presented. While MetaCarta uses advanced algorithms to process massive amounts of data at high speeds, it also includes a knowledge base that allows it to, in effect, think like a person. This function is perhaps the best example of this capability in action.


The MetaCarta GeoTagger finds and returns geographic references contained in a document – and a “document” can include anything from message traffic to web pages, blogs, file shares, databases or content management systems and beyond. From unstructured text, it identifies geographic locations – addresses, cities, locations, landmarks, etc. – and provides analysts with a catalog of the specific locations mentioned within a document and returns information about those locations to the user.

Location Finder

This function returns all possible location matches for specific geographic query. This offers users a simple way to refine initial an area of focus.

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