Qbase Launches Synthos Technologies; Creates New Division to Focus on Big-Data Analytics Solutions; Move Is Pre-Cursor to Eventual Formal Spin-Out

September 16, 2014

Reston, VA – Qbase, LLC, a software products and services company, today announced that it is renaming and branding its existing products division as “Synthos Technologies.” A newly named division within the company, the Synthos Technologies team will focus on bringing tools to market that help customers move from simply searching data to making sense of it.

“I have always believed the intellectual property developed at Qbase was something special with incredible potential,” said Qbase CEO Steve Baldwin. “Consequently, a core strategy of our business has been to create value through the development of new ‘game-changing’ technologies in the exciting world of big data. This newly named division of Qbase will focus on commercializing our existing IP, which we believe to be incredibly powerful and transformative.”

Baldwin continued, “Creating this new division is a stepping stone for the creation of a wholly new corporate entity and sends a very clear message: We see a great opportunity to accelerate the growth of our products team and are investing to drive that to success.”

As part of today’s announcement Qbase also unveiled a new Synthos Technologies leadership team. This team includes: Erin-Michael Gill, current Qbase Products EVP, as CEO; Gary Sofo, current Qbase EVP, as Chief Operating Officer; Scott Lightner, current Qbase Chief Technology Officer, in the same role; Anne Hunt, PhD, as EVP, Products; and Caryn Alagno as EVP, Communications and Marketing.

“Qbase technologies have been depended on in situations where it matters most,” Gill said. “Branding the Products Division and focusing the team on developing products based on what we believe to be breakthrough new IP is something we’re all very excited about.”

Qbase has filed more than twenty patents protecting its new IP. These patents address major data and analytics challenges that developers have been grappling with for years. The Synthos Technologies team was assembled to enable customers to become more profitable and more effective by:

• Providing accurate, real-time awareness on a massive scale
• Showing customers the connections between their data and the world’s
• Empowering them to answer questions they didn’t even know to ask
• Helping them derive meaning from awareness
• Leveraging knowledge for competitive advantage
• And moving from simply searching data to making sense of it

Specifically, Qbase has developed an in-memory computing platform, built from the ground-up for use in big data environments. This end-to-end solution with embedded analytic capabilities ingests massive amounts of unstructured and structured text. It extracts people, places and organizations from the text and, via web application, shows users the connections between them.

Synthos Technologies’ first product will leverage this technology to find hidden relationships coming from both massive, real-time data sources as well as archival ones, and will be released later this fall.

Existing Qbase products — like the geo-intelligence solution, MetaCarta — have proven their ability to read billions of documents and find trillions of entities. Qbase’s Data Discovery and Data Transformer tools excel at standardizing and normalizing data in enterprise environments. These products will now become part of the Synthos Technologies portfolio.

“Qbase products have been depended on by the intelligence and national defense communities for more than a decade,” Gill continued. “With this foundation, Synthos Technologies is better positioned than anyone to lay claim to the idea of making sense of massive amounts of data. In fact, we believe we’ve developed the next game-changer in big data analytics.”

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About Synthos Technologies:

Synthos Technologies is a division of Qbase, LLC. With deep roots in America’s intelligence community and proven experience in large enterprise environments, Qbase has a long history of helping customers understand and analyze information. With that legacy, Synthos Technologies provides tools that transform data into knowledge. Its products enable customers to become more profitable and more effective by: providing accurate, real-time awareness on a massive scale; showing customers the connections between their data and the world’s; and empowering users to answer questions they didn’t even know to ask.

About Qbase:

Qbase is a privately-held software products and services company with deep relationships in the intelligence, national security, government, healthcare and energy arenas. Its products have been depended on in situations where it matters most and its services division provides unparalleled information technology support and counsel. The company offers best-in-class information technology services and continues to win business and develop even more meaningful partnerships with customers.